The Battle Cats POP! Is Being Localized

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PONOS’ The Battle Cats is a rather popular strategy game for Apple iOS and Android devices. In it, players send strange cats, or rather things that technically qualify as cats, into battle to defend their base against invaders. It resembles Swords & Soldiers, in terms of perspective. On May 31, 2015, a version of the game was released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan, and now a localization has been confirmed by PONOS. The Battle Cats POP! is being prepared for an English release, though an exact launch date wasn’t specified.

The Battle Cats POP! has a number of notable features unique to this version of the game, aside from the absence of microtransactions. Versus multiplayer has been added, and it includes additional power-ups. You earn Cat Food for completing stages, and people can use 3 cat food to try the gacha for a new cat or revive after a lost battle. As for cats that may have appeared in events in the mobile version, they show up as rares in the gacha. Getting cats to their true forms is accomplished by leveling, rather than Silver Tickets. Naturally, there are also 3D effects.

A price has yet to be set for The Battle Cats POP! outside of Japan. However, the Japanese version of the game is ¥719.

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