Street Fighter V’s April Update Adds Guile And A Rage Quit System

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One of the original eight World Warriors is coming to Street Fighter V, and he’s bringing a number of requested features with him. Capcom announced that Guile, the next DLC character, and his DLC stage, as well as a Rage Quit system and matchmaking improvements, will be arriving sometime in April 2016.

Let’s start with Guile. He’s a charge character and retains his Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick attacks from previous games. He also has a Faultless Move ability that lets him crouch and walk, keeping a charge while moving forward across the field. His V-Skill, Sonic Blade, is a stationary projectile that works on its own or helps increase Sonic Boom’s durability. His V-Trigger is Solid Puncher, which lets him use one Sonic Boom after another, with each button sending out the attack at a different speed. His Critical Art is Sonic Hurricane, which consists of a huge Sonic Boom attack that hits multiple times and does even more damage if Sonic Puncher is in effect. He will have his own Story Mode, in which he’s searching for Nash, as well as his own Trials.

Like Alex, Guile will cost 100,000 Fight Money. However, he will be free to try until the Street Fighter V Zenny Shop launches. Likewise, his Battle Costume will also be available. His DLC stage, Guile’s Air Force Base, will be 70,000 Fight Money. Season Pass holders will get Guile, his Battle Costume, and the stage as part of their pass purchase.

Capcom will also introduce the Street Fighter V Rage Quit System in April. People with high disconnect rates will be temporarily locked out of matchmaking and receive a message letting them know they’ve been identified for their actions. This is a first step, and the company says more features will be added to punish rage quitters in the future.

In addition, there will be Street Fighter V matchmaking adjustments. Capcom will be working to make it easier to create and connect to a Battle Lounge. There will also be fewer restrictions on matching up with a possible opponent. These fixes are noted to especially, hopefully help people in Europe.


Street Fighter V is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs.

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