Final Fantasy IV Advance heads toward the light with Wii U Virtual Console release

Posted on 11/10 16:22 in | 0

If you're not tired of being saturated with Final Fantasy IV releases yet, there's yet another one coming. The last time we saw Cecil's adventure get released was on Steam in 2014, bringing the 3D remake that was originally made for the Nintendo DS to PC gamers. Nintendo has announced next week's Virtual Console lineup in Japan, complete with Final Fantasy IV Advance. The Wii U has wielded its dark blade long enough. It's time to climb Mt. Ordeals and exchange that black Wii remote for a white one.

Unlike the 3D remake releases and the original SNES release, Final Fantasy IV Advance allows players to switch their party members around for the final dungeon to unlock additional trials in the game's bonus dungeon. The GBA re-release features an improved soundtrack, graphics, and a more accurate translation over the SNES version, which came west as the erroneously numbered Final Fantasy II. The dark sword Cecil has been carrying will only get him so far. It's up to you to help him become a paladin and restore peace and justice.

Whether Final Fantasy IV Advance will come to North America or Europe through the Wii U's Virtual Console remains to be seen, but it's certainly possible. Japanese Wii U owners can pick up yet another version of Final Fantasy IV after next week's eShop update.

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