Dark Souls board game planned, kill your friends with a roll of the dice

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Snake eyes never hurt so much

Western gamers are just days away from the highly anticipated Dark Souls III making its way to consoles and PC. When you're not dying in 900p on Xbox One or praising the sun at 60 FPS on PC, Steamforged Games wants you to be able to kill your friends with a roll of the dice. After receiving permission from publisher Bandai Namco, Steamforged is looking to bring Dark Souls to the wonderful world of board games. Just what sort of board game the company has in mind remains to be seen, but our first look will be coming later this month.

Japanese speed runners have already gotten Dark Souls III down to 90 minutes, but it could take at least that long for half of a Dark Souls board game to be finished. This isn't the first time we've seen popular games make their way to the tabletop, as Fallout 4 got its own Monopoly set last year. Steamforged hasn't given any indication what their plans for the board game are, but it's highly doubtful it'll be another Monopoly set since undead hordes tend to keep property values rather low.

A Kickstarter campaign is planned to launch at some point in April to raise money for the board game. We'll have to wait until then to find out what we have to do to kill our friends with a roll of the dice. Whatever you do, make sure you aren't wearing a robe and quiver when you're trying to take cover from incoming dice.

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