Your Weapons Grow From The Enemies They Feed On In Rogues Like Us

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The hero of hack n’ slash game Rogues Like Us has been banished, and his only means of finding redemption is to find a source of power buried deep within the game’s procedurally-generated dungeons. As he progresses, the enemies he strikes down will feed the power of his weapons, though.

The player’s weapons “progress and grow in power by feeding off the enemies you slay in combat.” As to whether this simply means the player gets stronger with weapons they use frequently or if the specific enemies a player kills with a set weapon has an effect on weapon growth, the developer does not say.


Players will be able to discover story elements within the dungeons, learning more about the lands and your clan, as well as find blueprints for new armor and lost, dormant weapons.


Rogues Like Us is set to release this Fall.

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