More Pokémon Go Details Revealed As The United States Field Test Begins

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The United States field test for Pokémon Go has launched. To celebrate the occasion, the official Pokémon website has new information about and screenshots for the Apple iOS and Android game.

Pokémon Go begins with avatar creations. People get to create a trainer, customizing their clothing and accessories. This character will appear on your profile page, at gyms, and on the app’s map. You’ll also pick which one of three teams you’ll want to be long to at the outset. You can put your Pokémon at gyms under your team’s control.

Pokémon will appear in the wild, with your phone notifying you when you’re near one. You then tap the screen to throw Poké Balls you’ve purchased at them. Pokémon eggs may also be found at PokéStops. Walking with them will hatch them. Catching Pokémon raises your training level, which makes new items and stronger characters available. Catching multiples of the same Pokémon will give you the option to evolve it.

Acquired Pokémon can be used in Pokémon Go gym battles. Each Pokémon has two attacks, and the ability to dodge incoming assaults if you swipe left or right on the screen. When you fight someone, you choose which attacks to use. At a gym, the Prestige will be decreased from battles and, when it’s reduced to zero, your team can take it over. You can then assign a Pokémon to the gym. Training at one of your gyms with the defending Pokémon will increase the gym’s Prestige and level, allowing you to station more Pokémon there.

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There’s no exact release date for Pokémon Go yet, but it will launch in 2016. The field test has begun in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Apple iOS and Android users in those regions can sign up for a chance to participate via the official website. When it does launch, Pokémon Go will be free to play, though people will be able to spend real money to earn PokéCoins, which can be spent on items like

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