Steins;Gate 0 Will Be Localized In 2016

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Last year, Steins;Gate was released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe. In 2016, Steins;Gate 0 will come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in both regions. It’s a direct sequel that takes place during the same time period as the first game.

In Steins;Gate 0, players follow Rintaro Okabe after one of Steins;Gate’s bad endings. Upset about what happened, he finds he may have a second chance due to a new AI program called Amadeus. It’s a visual novel, like the first game, only this time Rintaro uses RINE, a messenger inspired by Line, to influence the plot by communicating with other characters.


Pre-orders for Steins;Gate 0 have already begun via Rice Digital. The PlayStation Vita version will be $49.99, while the PlayStation 4 version will be $59.99. The game will appear at Rice Digital’s London MCM 2016 booth this weekend, with free posters given away to anyone who says, “El Psy Kongroo.”

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