Undead Darlings Details How It Improves Palette-Swapped Enemies

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Players will see similar foes re-appear throughout Undead Darlings, the visual novel/RPG hybrid from Mr Tired Media. The developer intends to do much more than just palette-swap the enemies, though, but will instead add details to make each reappearance more interesting.


The developer will make additions to known enemies to show that they have grown stronger. They achieve this effect by creating an enemy’s final form, then strip parts away to make it look simpler and weaker, giving them several stages for each of its creatures. This also allows them to create animations for each addition, making it easier to add independently-animated details on high-level creatures.


Undead Darlings, the game of chatting up zombie girls and taking them into dungeons to find a cure for their condition, has a few days left in its second run at Kickstarter. Should it succeed, the game is projected to release in April 2017.

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