Yandere Simulator Now Allows A Friendlier Means Of Removing Rivals

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Yandere Simulator has added a new, friendlier elimination method to its array of rival-disposing abilities. By learning about a rival’s life and doing a great, life-changing deed for them, Yandere-chan can remove them without killing them.

The developer uses Kokona as an example for this. By eavesdropping on her, players can learn details about her that will open up a line of questions if they’re on friendly terms. If they can speak to her about this information in a private place, they can find out that her father is in trouble with a loan shark. That loan shark’s daughter just happens to go to their school as well.


This will open up an option to kidnap the daughter and extort the loan shark, which will complete a tremendous favor for Kokona. She is then willing to come to Yandere-chan’s house, and will agree to stop trying to date her love interest. Should players be feeling murderous in this moment, though, this act will also leave friendly character alone and unaware in Yandere-chan’s house, which makes for easy elimination.


Players will need to meet certain criteria to be able to complete a kidnapping, and other girls will have different friendship requirements and events before they can be swayed from their love interest. In doing so, it may be possible to complete the game without killing anyone (although kidnapping has lasting effects on the kidnapped character).


The developer teases that the next method of elimination to be implemented will be Match-Making, although offers no details on what that entails at this time.

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