Work Together To Survive In Multiplayer Horror Game Outbreak

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Up to four players can team up online to face the undead creatures that creep around the levels of top-down horror game Outbreak, but with every added player, the game gets a little harder.

Four playable characters can be used to outfight and outwit the monsters in Outbreak. Mason has some damage resistance and starts with a gun, Alendra can bypass simple locks, Ethan can use healing items more effectively, and Quies has the most inventory space. Through using these characters effectively as a team, players have a better chance of survival.


The player will be under constant pursuit as they scrounge for items and try to survive undead attacks. Inventory space is very limited, so players will need to carefully choose what to bring with you. The items players find will be different each time, as the game places them randomly.


Outbreak will release on Steam Early Access this year, depending on the success of its Greenlight campaign.

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