Codemasters saves Evolution Studios from shutting down, team goes multiplatform

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Towards the end of March, Sony shut down DriveClub studio Evolution Studios. Unlike Microsoft, who only proposed studio closures, Sony just outright told Evolution to close up shop. Evolution wasn't quite ready to bid farewell to its passion just yet, so instead of doing what they were told the company went looking for a new home. The studio found that new home in racing game titan Codemasters. The final paperwork and legal business have yet to be finalized, but the change in partners for Evolution will be effective on April 25.

Moving out from under Sony's thumb brings one immediate advantage to both the studio and gamers alike. Instead of making games like DriveClub only for PlayStation platforms, Evolution will immediately become a multi-platform studio. Sony still owns the rights to DriveClub, but that won't stop the studio from making new racing games. Codemasters is no stranger to racing games, having developed and published titles like DiRT and GRiD, giving Evolution additional resources to make the racing games they've always wanted.

Studio vice president and general manager Mick Hocking will still be overseeing Evolution, albeit in a new capacity. Hocking will be taking on the new role of Vice President of Product Development for Codemasters, overseeing all of the company's studios instead of just Evolution. Codemasters looks forward to continue growing in the future thanks to the recent success of F1 2015 and DiRT Rally. The fortuitous timing of Sony shuttering Evolution may soon turn out to be a good thing for everyone involved, companies and gamers alike.

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