Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin announced for spring 2016 "distribution" in Japan

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These valkyries are getting more and more mysterious

Who's ready for some more Valkyrie Profile? A teaser site for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin went up this morning, complete with a logo featuring the goddess Lenneth. It's been some time since Valkyrie Profile got any attention. In fact, the last time Valkyrie Profile fans had anything to look forward to was Covenant of the Flame in 2009. Since then, the series has been seemingly forgotten about by Square Enix. That's all changing, as Valkyrie Anatoma: The Origin teases a spring 2016 "distribution" in Japan.

Details about the game are incredibly scarce. So far, all we know is the game will be coming to Japan in the next few months. Yoshinori Yamagishi from the original Valkyrie Profile will be producing the game and Moto Sakuraba will reprise his role as the game's composer. What we don't know are pertinent details like platform, localization plans, gameplay, or anything of that nature.

Due to the word "distribution" being used on the teaser site, some people believe Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin may be an iOS and Android title. Others believe this could be a console or even handheld title since Yamagishi is yet to produce a mobile game. The sudden release date makes it likely that this will be a mobile title, but nothing other than the game's title and release window have been confirmed by Square Enix.

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