KOI comes to PlayStation 4, swims to the west on April 19

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Get your fishy journey on

Oasis Games recently announced that KOI will be swimming on to the PlayStation 4 in the west on April 19. KOI, a visually minimalistic title about a small fish's journey to restore light to his murky home, is the first Chinese-developed game that will launch on the PS4 in Western territories.

KOI is a relatively simple game in all aspects. Its beautiful art is reminiscent of that of Rime -- the cartoon approach adds a neat, clean level of depth to something that seems so small. Its gameplay involves nothing more than swimming, solving quick puzzles, and gracefully moving about a tiny pond to free Light Fish and unearth hidden melodies that will save the pond. 

What makes all of this particularly interesting is that KOI was developed by Dotoyou, an indie Sony developer based in China. Until 2015, most Chinese citizens were entirely unable to even purchase a game console such as the PS4; seeing games release across the world that have been developed within the nation is a huge step. It took almost three years, but the PlayStation 4 will soon have a Western library that includes a game developed in China.

KOI initially released on mobile systems and was met with positive acclaim. Anyone looking to pick the game up in physical format is out of luck -- KOI is set to release exclusively on Sony's PS Store on Tuesday, April 19.

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