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I'm not deliberately focusing on ridiculously expensive old games with my Retronauts Micro, though this Metal Storm episode marks the third time in as many episodes that the subject of my mini-episode revolves around a game that'll run you a preposterous amount of scratch if you want to own it. I just want to talk about interesting, cool games I love; blame the ridiculous collectors' bubble for the need to take out a second mortgage.

But really, isn't that what shows like Retronauts are for? To fill you in on games you may never have the opportunity to play otherwise? Of course, I realize that this week's boundless effusion for Metal Storm may simply have the opposite effect, i.e., to fill you with a burning desire to play the game. Fortunately, our little podcast doesn't have the terrifying clout of some of those million-subscriber YouTube shows, so the good news is that I wouldn't expect Metal Storm to spike even higher in price after this episode has circulated the Internet. The game should remain as its current $100+ price rather than screaming into the rarified $300+ ranks. Small comfort?

I know I've been producing videos of late to accompany my Micro episodes, and this topic would seem particularly well-suited for that... but since this Micro uses a different format than my usual (it's a conversation with fellow Metal Storm fan Sam Claiborn of IGN), it didn't work out that way. But fear not! I'll spend an hour with the game later this week during a live stream. I might even be able to finish it in that amount of time, since it's a short game... although it's been a really long time since I've played past the third level, so no promises. Anyway, give it a listen:

IGN's Sam Claiborn stops by to discuss the merits, explosions, and alarming aftermarket price of Irem's NES classic, Metal Storm.

As usual, we'll be back next week with a full episode. One almost certainly more focused on games that a human could reasonably afford with normal human dollars than this episode.

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