Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 will feature Trucy Wright and Ema Skye, Nick looks for a bigger office

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There's good news and bad news for Phoenix Wright. The good news is the gang's almost all together for Ace Attorney 6. The bad news is he's going to need to find a bigger office, which can be tricky when his clients forget to pay him. We've known from the beginning that Phoenix will be working with Apollo once more and that Maya Fey is returning after several years of spirit medium training. This week's Famitsu magazine confirms two more of Nick's friends will be joining the fifteenth anniversary party.

Both Trucy Wright and Ema Skye will be returning for Ace Attorney 6, making Nick's law office seem a lot smaller than it already did. With Athena Cykes already confirmed, Phoenix and Apollo are quickly becoming outnumbered. Unfortunately for Miles Edgeworth fans, the genius prosecutor has yet to be confirmed to make an appearance in any capacity. There's little doubt Capcom knows how well loved Edgeworth is, so it's likely he'll find his way into Ace Attorney 6 even if he doesn't receive an official unveiling.

Prepare your Chords of Steel, attorneys, as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 will make your 3DS take that soon as Japanese gamers can start objecting on June 9. The game's initial announcement confirmed plans for a western release, but specific details on localization are still lacking.

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