The Golden Egg Hunt 2016 – Answers Inside

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Still Looking for Golden Eggs? Here’s Where to Find ‘Em!

If you haven’t found all the Golden Eggs yet, here’s your chance to grab ’em before they’re gone for good

If you’re a Club Pogo Member, each Golden Egg has 10,000 tokens and a brand-new Mini item inside.

For everyone else, each Golden Egg contains 100 tokens. You still have time to join Club Pogo if you want the full rewards.

Clue #1: You better find this egg before a certain Pogo celebrity pops it by mistake.
Answer: Play Poppit!

Clue #2: It’s storming outside, but your next egg is in good hands. Eight of ’em, to be exact.
Answer: Play Rainy Day Spider Solitaire


Clue #3: Rumor has it your next egg has gone on strike, and is hiding across the lanes.
Answer: Play Pogo Bowl


Clue #4: This egg is farm fresh. You’ll find it squeezed in with the pigs, cows and sheep.
Answer: Play Stack ’em


Clue #5: Your next egg has gone wild. It’s matched up with lions, wolves, kangaroos and koalas.
Answer: Play Mahjong Safari


Clue #6: If you’re hungry for sweets, you’ll know where to find your next egg. Just don’t tell your dentist.
Answer: Play Sweet Tooth 2


Clue #7: To find your next egg, you’ll need to exchange some words with the gophers.
Answer: Play Word Whomp


All of the Mini Items can be found by going to the Mini Mall and clicking on All My Items. Some items are for male Minis and some are for female Minis, so you may have to change to a different gender shop to see everything.

Thanks to everyone who participated so far! Happy hunting!

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