PlayStation 4 3.50 update launches tomorrow, brings PC remote play at 720p

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Appear offline while playing at your computer

A month after PlayStation 4's 3.50 MUSASHI update was announced, the update will be making its way to system owners tomorrow. You'll finally be able to appear offline to your PSN friends and even receive notifications for when select friends come online. For gamers that want to be able to play PS4 games on their PC, Remote Play is officially coming to PC and Mac. Readers may remember back in November when a hacker by the name of Twisted planned on releasing an unofficial Remote Play app for $10, causing Sony to announce their own plans. The long wait for both appear offline and Remote Play are finally over.

Remote Play on PC and Mac comes with a couple of caveats, so pay attention to your computer's operating system before rushing to download the app. PC gamers must be running Windows 8.1 or 10 while Mac owners must be on 10.10 or 10.11 in order to use the app. Leaving Windows 7 may seem like a strange move given its dominance in the PC market, but the 2009 operating system no longer receives mainstream support from Microsoft. Remote Play also has limitations on screen resolution based on your bandwidth. Gamers can choose from 340p, 540p, or 720p resolutions for streaming, with the default being 540p. Frame rates can also be toggled between 30 or 60 frames per second, with the default option being 30. A single DualShock 4 controller can be used with the Remote Play app, bypassing the need for the DS4Windows program.

Tomorrow's update also includes an update for the PlayStation app. The update brings the ability to view and create user scheduled events from your mobile device. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to take advantage of Remote Play from PC and Mac in addition to the other new features in MUSASHI after downloading system update 3.50 tomorrow.

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