New Site-Wide Challenge Coming Soon

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Get ready for an extra-special Badge Day on Club Pogo! A brand-new Site-Wide Challenge is coming this Wednesday, April 13.

Once again, you can expect an epic new goal that can only be completed when all of Club Pogo joins forces and works together.

In the past, Club Pogo Members have worked together to achieve some pretty amazing feats:

• Played over two million hours of games in only 72 hours.
• Collected over one million Badges in 72 hours.
• Came just shy of completing three million game hours in 72 hours.
• Matched over five billion mahjong tiles in 72 hours.
• Racked up over two billion winning lines in all of Pogo’s slots games.
• Raced through over 25 million levels in Mahjong Escape, Big City Adventure and Undiscovered World.

What’s in store this time? We can’t tell you just yet, but let’s just say an awful lot of mysteries will be unraveled.”

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