May 2016 issue of CoroCoro teases (actual) Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal

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Official JP box art reveal planned, meaning our first look at the new Legendaries

Announced back in February, Pokémon Sun & Moon remain the talk of Pokémon fans! However, there hasn't been much information released pertaining to the games—no starters, no legendaries, no box art. However, that is all to change in next month's edition of Japanese magazine, CoroCoro.

It turns out not much information about Pokémon Sun & Moon was actually provided in the April 2016 issue of the magazine released earlier this week, though it confirmed fans' suspicions of Magearna being a Steel/Fairy-type. The magazine did feature an obscured image of the box arts for both versions of the upcoming 3DS games, promising readers that the long-awaited reveal will instead happen... next month.

So, what will we see? It seems the box art is definitely a given, so that should mean our first look at the new Legendaries as well! Will we (finally) see the new starter Pokémon, concept art, and more in-game images? Maybe even release dates? Pokémon fans will just have to wait and see!

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