Dark Souls III PC gamers experiencing crashes after the first bonfire, Knights unaffected

Posted on 02/29 10:24 in | 0

How are we supposed to praise the sun now?

The day has finally arrived, faithful warriors. Dark Souls III is available now worldwide, bringing with it a new adventure full of dying and praising the sun. It's not all praise and death for some, as a number of PC gamers have reported game crashes rather early on. Some people experience the crash after lighting the first bonfire, while others find themselves staring at their desktop after trying to approach Firelink Shrine.

Bandai Namco encourages anyone experiencing crashes to contact their support team, but neither the publisher nor developer From Software have released a statement about what's happening. Whether they have an idea of what causes Dark Souls III to crash remains to be seen, but some users are reporting workarounds that appear to get past the troublesome areas and play the game normally. Changing the game's lighting level to low is one fix that has been reported to work. If that fails, Knight characters appear to be immune to bonfire based shenanigans, so it's possible the issue is related to your character's class.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers haven't reported any similar issues, although they're probably amusing themselves with the game's butt glitch when they have some time to breathe after battling all the undead trying to kill them. Dark Souls III is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but PC gamers may want to give the game some time to be patched.

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