’s New Real Life Badges Let You Win Offline!

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We know Club Pogo Members love collecting Badges, so we’re always looking at ways to bring you more. That’s when it hit us: you could be earning Badges 24/7, even when you’re not on Pogo.

Get ready to win all day long, because Club Pogo is expanding to the next frontier of casual gaming: your entire life. You deserve rewards for sleeping, eating, working, socializing and just plain living, so we’re going to give ’em to ya!

Real Life Badges are coming the second Wednesday of this week, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek so you can start planning your activities.

Drink 100 cups of coffee this week.
Earn the Java Bean Jitters Badge.

Dream about work three times this week.
Earn the Dream Job Badge.

Eat 5 ice cream cones in one session without getting an ice cream headache this week.
Earn the I Don’t Scream for Ice Cream Badge.

Feed at least 200 geese and bend them to your will this week.
Earn the Supreme Goose Commander Badge.

Match 80 pairs of socks without using any hints this week.
Earn the Sock It To Me Badge.

Claiming your Badges couldn’t be easier. When you complete a Challenge, simply notify Pogo and we’ll send out an independent auditor to interview your friends, family and colleagues to determine the authenticity of your claim. Once the paperwork is approved, you’ll be awarded your brand-new Real Life Badge!

We hope you enjoy playing Club Pogo’s new Challenges even when you’re nowhere near your computer. Happy Badge collecting!

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