Rock Band 4 crowdfunding campaign for PC falls short of its goal, likely won't happen

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PCs don't have to worry about going Through the Fire and Flames

Last month, Harmonix started a Fig crowdfunding campaign to bring Rock Band 4 to PC. If the campaign was successful, Harmonix planned on launching the game through Steam later this fall. Unfortunately, time has run out and the Fig campaign fell several hundred thousand dollars short of the $1.5 million asked for. As a result, no money was collected from backers and Harmonix admitted defeat. For now, Rock Band for PCs will remain a dream.

Of course, the company isn't ruling out the possibility of the Rock Band franchise ever making its way to PCs. In the final developer update, Harmonix stated the idea is still in the "realm of possibility" and that they might try again down the road or find some other way to bring Rock Band to PC gamers. Currently, however, there aren't any plans to make that happen so fans are stuck rocking out on their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One system.

Whether the campaign may have been more successful if run on Kickstarter or another well known crowdfunding site is something Harmonix will likely consider if another campaign is tried in the future. Rock Band PC's Fig campaign raised a total of $792,817 dollars out of the $1.5 million the company wanted, which equates to about 52 percent. Gamers looking to keep their PC cool won't have to worry about running it Through the Fire and Flames for a while longer.

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