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Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey. You can find the show notes for previous episodes here.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), I delve into Salt and Sanctuary with Nadia and guest John Learned, then ask Tyranny director Brian Heins my burning questions about Obsidian's new RPG.

I was initially kind of down on Salt & Sanctuary, mostly because of its odd character art, but it's grown on my considerably on that time. John and Nadia also like it, and we discuss its relationship with Dark Souls, Castlevania, and Metroidvanias of ages past. You can read Nadia's review here.

In the second segment, I welcome Tyranny director Brian Heins to the pod to discuss the concept for Obsidian's new RPG, the faction system, and the construction of the battle system. There's plenty of good insight to be found on what looks like an intriguing RPG by Obsidian.

Next week: A super special interview! .. Perhaps! We'll see!

Nadia and guest John Learned join Kat to discuss Salt & Sanctuary from the point of a view of both a Dark Souls fan and a non-fan. Then director Brian Heins talks about the concept behind Obsidian's new RPG, the decision to reduce party size, and how it will build on what Pillars of Eternity started.

Music from Axe of the Blood God is courtesy of Lena Chappelle, who has also contributed the themes to Active Time Babble and Roleplayers' Realm. I also use music from the RPG Music Pack over at rpgmaker.net. Check it out!

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