Tracer prepares her new victory pose for Heroes of the Storm starting April 19

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When Heroes of the Storm needs new heroese to keep things fresh, there's no shortage of Blizzard characters to choose from. Whether pulling from StarCraftDiablo, or even the Warcraft franchises, Blizzard's MOBA won't have to worry about running out of characters to use for a long time. Of course, Overwatch is only a month away, so it only makes sense that the latest Heroes character is none other than the controversial Tracer. Loves who pre-purchased a digital edition of the game's Origins Edition through Blizzard's shop will be able to pick up the cavalry in Heroes of the Storm starting April 19.

Much to the chagrin of collector's edition and physical copy buyers, Tracer's initial release is strictly limited to digital pre-orders through Blizzard. The Overwatch heroine will be available for everyone to buy for Heroes of the Storm a week later on April 26. If you purchased the Origins Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a physical copy of the PC release, Tracer will be available to you for free in Heroes after Overwatch releases next month. The recently controversial heroine is working hard on her new victory pose after fans complained about Blizzard over sexualizing Tracer, so her adventures in the Nexus will likely give Blizzard some ideas for a replacement pose in Overwatch.

If a month is too long to wait to play Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, fans can buy her in the Nexus store starting April 26. The phase jump she'd been testing prior to Overwatch somehow managed to land her among the likes of Arthas, Diablo, Kerrigan, and even The Lost Vikings later this month. Overwatch will give the world the heroes we need starting May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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