Mighty No. 9 release still not finalized, now also a launch title for new upcoming console in China

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Comcept's spiritual successor to Mega Man billed as a flagship title for Tomahawk F1

After multiple delays following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Mighty No. 9's release window may be solidifying for at least one global market by way of an unexpected announcement. Fuze Entertainment this week confirmed Mighty No. 9 as a launch title for its upcoming "Tomahawk F1" game console designed exclusively for China. Originally announced last October as a collaborative effort between Fuze and Koei Tecmo, the Tomahawk F1 is tentatively slated for release "next month", giving us our strongest hint yet for an actual Mighty No. 9 release... somewhere out there.

The Tomahawk F1 is an Android-based console that intends to compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (in China) and will be supported by both domestically developed games as well as ports of international releases including: Dynasty Warriors 8 with Xtreme Legends, Teslagrad, and Assault Android Cactus. Fuze Entertainment has previously been involved with Comcept by contributing to the last-minute funding of Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, another Mega Man-inspired project that nearly failed to get off the ground after a less-than-successful crowdfunding campaign. Red Ash is also expected to hit the Tomahawk F1 as a "flagship" title alongside Mighty No. 9.

Meanwhile Mighty No. 9's international publisher, Deep Silver, recently revealed it has no major updates to share regarding a new release date for the title since its most recent delay back in January; the game remains scheduled for a "spring 2016" launch window.

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