Petroglyph's 8-Bit Armies gets a release darte

Posted on 04/15 23:41 in | 0

Petroglyph has a habit of dabbling with the RTS genre and their next game is 8-Bit Armies which was announced back in March.

The game now has a release date of 22 April and this voxel-based blocky release promises to be a “C&C-style Real-Time Strategy PC game”. Now that would be nice.

The game features base building, destructible environments and it even includes a soundtrack from the one and only legend that is Frank Klepacki of C&C fame.

We’ve not heard much about the game since the announcement so fingers crossed they get this formula right because they’ve experimented a lot in recent years with game such as Victory. Apart from Grey Goo they’ve has more misses than hits.

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