World of Warcraft vanilla server petition surpasses 200K goal

Posted on 04/20 21:24 in | 0

The petition for Blizzard to open World of Warcraft legacy servers has today surpassed its 200K signature goal.

Now that there’s enough signatures on the petition, ex-World of Warcraft developer Mark Kern will be putting together an open letter to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime. The letter will be sent to Morhaime this Friday and made available to the public at the same time. Mark Kern will then be making a follow-up call to Morhaime on Monday next week.

It’s not often a video game petition can reach its goal but the WoW community seems passionate about this issue which all stemmed from the closure of the Nostalrius private servers.

If you’ve not read our interview with Mark and want to know more about what’s being asked for, we suggest you read that here. Fingers crossed that Mike Morhaime will listen to the community and come back with a full response one way or the other.

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