Paragon .24 released - Movements speed and Iggy & Scorch update

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Epic’s MOBA Paragon has just ben updated to version .24 bringing a new hero to the game.

The fiery Iggy & Scorch has just been added to the hero roster. This duo should be an interesting combination to ignite the gameplay. This update also makes changes to hero’s movement speed with an increase for both ranged and melee heroes. The speed change is interesting because players will now move at the same speed when they are strafing which should make things a little more cohesive. Combat slow has also been decreased.

We’ve yet to try these changes on the live servers but based on what we know it should be an improvement to the overall feel of a hero’s movement.

There are other additions too including card linking in the deck builder, new players will be matched together for the first five games, increased repsawn timers and more. This is actually a decent update and the dev comments are available on the official Paragon site.

These changes remove the strafing penalty when Heroes are moving left, right, or diagonally. Now Heroes will move at the same speeds in all directions, effectively increasing Ranged Hero speeds when strafing side-to-side from 328 to 450 (37% increase) and diagonally from 389 to 450 (15% increase).

We observed that players would inadvertently hold left/right when backpedaling from an enemy causing the previous penalty to apply. This wasn’t obvious to the player.

This reduces the movement speed penalty for Heroes who are actively attacking with basic attacks.

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