AMD Crimson 16.4.2 Hotfix released, fixes Division Crossfire flickering

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A new and shiny set of AMD Crimson drivers are available today, with the exciting numerical title of 16.4.2. One headline fix for this release is the resolution of the flicking issue found in The Division when playing with a pair of AMD cards in Crossfire mode.

That’s a problem people have been wanting a solution for, so it should be fairly welcome (assuming these drivers do fix it, I’ve no way of testing that myself). There’s also a fix for slower-than-expected fan speeds on select models of the R9 380 card, and the removal of the ‘power efficiency’ tab showing up for some cards that don’t actually support it.

Further Crossfire fixes address corruption and flickering in Hitman and Fallout 4. Here are the changelog notes from AMD, complete with list of fixes and remaining “known” issues.

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