Paragon patch v.24.1 balances Murdock, adds new cards and more

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This morning at 9AM EDT Paragon will be updated to v24,1.

In this update Epic are finally balancing Murdock, he’s probably the most complained about unbalanced hero in the pool right now. The new Deck Builder 2.0 is also being updated with the return of filters and some changes to make linked and unlinked Upgrade Cards more prominent.

Ten new cards are also being added in this update and the jungle spawn timers for the red and blue orbs are being adjusted which should be interesting as it sounds like they won’t spawn so quickly. At the start of the game players more often than not go for these first before hitting the lanes. Epic has made the change to promote a ” healthier emphasis on laning during the early game”. The jungle is also getting a makeover soon so we look forward to that.

Don’t forget, you can enter to win a Paragon Early Acces key from us right here before the beta is expanded this weekend, which incidentally, is also a double XP weekend.

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