Hitman PC hotfix prevents DX12 launch in some cases

Posted on 04/28 19:15 in | 0

The patch parade for Hitman on PC continues today with a 135MB “hotfix” style update, intended to address the issue where some players couldn’t progress past the intro screen.

It may indeed have addressed that problem, but it also seems to have broken the ability to launch Hitman in DirectX 12 mode for some players. Including myself. Attempting to load in DX12 mode shows the game running in Task Manager (and through Steam), but the actual game window itself never appears.

DirectX 11 mode still seems to work okay, so at least there’s that option available while IO Interactive figure out what went wrong here. It’s a terrible shame these technical problems are persisting, because from what I’ve played of Sapienza it’s a pretty terrific level.

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