Grim Dawn Modding Tools and patch V1.0.0.3 released

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Crate Entertainment has now released the modding tools for their ARPG Grim Dawn.

The mod tools can be downloaded from this page on Crate’s site which also comes with a guide on how to use the tools.

Grim Dawn features a powerful set of modding tools, the same tools, in fact, as the ones used by the development team in the creation of the game. This grants players vast opportunities to create their own content, items, classes and even entire worlds. Advanced users can take even advantage of Lua support to script complex gameplay events and create entirely new types of content not seen in the base game.

Combined with the creativity of our growing community, the immense potential of the modding tools will provide Grim Dawn users with free player-generated content for years to come.

The mod tools release also bring more updates to the game which have been detailed in the patch notes below.

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