RIOT launches League of Legends Alpha client testing sign-ups

Posted on 04/29 10:36 in | 0

RIOT is finally getting around to updating their League of Legends game client, or hub as they call it.

League of Legends players interested in testing a new client can get their name down now. The new client will eventually bring a host of new features and it’s being built from scratch with “a new tech framework”.

The client is the hub of the League experience. It’s where you get news, talk with friends, fiddle with runes and masteries, and queue up for your next game. The launch of the alpha marks the first step on a journey. Over the course of the alpha we’re aiming to introduce easier ways to play with friends, a Hextech-inspired visual style, and rebuilt core technology to make the client more reliable and less buggy.

Not everyone can join at the moment, RIOT is opening this phase up to level 30 players who usually queue with friends. They also need Mac testers.

If you fit the above category then head to this page and find out more.

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