VorpX 16.2.0 released with Vive support

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It’s not taken long for the VorpX team to add Vive functionality and it’s available right now.

VorpX can really open up your games library to VR and now Vive support has been added and it’s taken the dev team only two weeks to get up and running. Games that don’t support VR such as GTA V can now be played with the Vive, but remember, the Vive support is still in beta.

In this update, there’s also an experimental mode called Direct Head Tracking.

“We also added a new experimental feature named Direct Head Tracking that is currently only available in Fallout 4, more games to come. Enabling this on the head tracking page of the vorpX in-game menu provides you with automatic 1:1 head tracking and enables full analog gamepad support in the game.”

VorpX isn’t free but if you own either the Oculus Rift consumer version, the DK2 or the Vive then this is well worth the price of $25.99.

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