Stellaris release time is "late afternoon" and no pre-load

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Paradox has a big release next week, their space epic strategy Stellaris.

Paradox has stated there is no pre-load so don’t expect one to appear to today ahead of launch. They also realise that midnight launches are a pain the backside for most gamers who would probably be in bed due to work etc.

With that in mind, the game will be released 9 May (tomorrow) in the afternoon. An update today confirms this.

“A friendly reminder that we don’t do midnight releases – expect Stellaris to release late afternoon CEST on May 9th.”

If you;ve been waiting for this then get a good night’s sleep and enjoy it when you get home from whatever you’ve been doing. If you’ve still to pick it up, there’s 15% off in the PC Invasion Store.

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