Paragon update .25 released - GRIM.exe added and balance pass

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There’s another major update today for Paragon taking the game to v.25 and there’s a lot to digest.

All Paragon players would take note of this patch because not only is there a new hero, the robot GRIM.exe, but also quite a few balance changes, especially to Murial, Dekker and Gadget.

There’s also a major change to how progression rewards are being dished with Reputation being awarded at new level milestones at 10,20 and 30. One additional Card Pack is also being added as a reward. Accounts which have already reached these milestones will receive the following rewards when logging in today.

It’s great the support heroes such as Gadget have been given a balance pass, but some players still need to realise they are “support” heroes and not killing machines. One guy joined a lobby I was in last night and rudely said “leave”. I asked why?. He said, “you have more deaths than kills”. All I can say is, what a dick, and I really hope these types of players don’t flock to the game as the community has been quite decent so far. Anyway, on with the notes…

Card and Account Progression Rewards have been changed in order to provide more definitive expectations on what you will receive by unlocking Card Packs and earning new levels.

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