World of Warcraft Legion beta starts on Thursday

Posted on 05/10 18:50 in | 0

Blizard is holding a World of Warcraft developer chat live right now and the big news is that the Legion beta test is about to get underway.

Invites are expected to start going soon and the beta will start this Thursday at 2PM PDT. All existing characters from the alpha will be wiped.

The live chat is also currently being spammed with the words “LEGACY” as fans continue to push for those vanilla servers.

World of Warcraft Legi0n is not too far away from release, it’s 30 August, so it’s not surprising this is kicking off now. The chat is still ongoing and can be watched live here.

There’s a good recap over on the WoW subreddit of all the chat discussion should you want to delve deeper because we certainly don’t.

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