Assassin's Creed movie gets its first big trailer

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Turning games into movies is rapidly becoming a bigger business than turning movies into games, as this newly released Assassin’s Creed movie trailer proves.

Starring one of the Magnetos from the X-Men movies (or Michael Fassbender, if you prefer), the Assassin’s Creed movie focuses on Callum Lynch, a chap who has apparently been fake-executed and then kidnapped for use in the Animus. With the help of the Animus he’ll be experiencing the memories of his ancestor Aguilar, an Assassin active in 15th Century Spain during the height of the Spanish Inquisition. I expect him to be a smug arsehole who gradually turns into a likeable character, as well as some sort of talk about Pieces of Eden.

It looks both pretty and authentic to the games, although whether “authentic to the games” is enough to propel this into “actually a good movie” territory remains to be seen. I mostly watched the trailer while going “Yes, I’ve done all of this before.”

Also, less Kanye West, please. I really shouldn’t have to say that.

The trailer is below. Assassin’s Creed: The Movie of the Game (as it isn’t called) is due out later this year.

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