Fear Effect Sedna funded with 31 hours to go

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Fear Effect Sedna has hit its funding goal of €100,000 with just over 31 hours left on the clock.

Fear Effect Sedna is one of the games being published by Square Enix Collective, a Square Enix thingy which offers support to indie devs, including those who wish to make use of their back catalogue of unused IPs. Like, say, Fear Effect.

The game itself is being developed by Sushee Games, and shifts Fear Effect from the traditional survival-horror-with-tank-controls into more of a tactical isometric view. Despite this change it retains the series’ cel-shaded art-style, puzzles, love of horrific deathtraps, and fusion of near-future sci-fi with mythological elements.

If you fancy backing it, you can still do so now. €18 will net you a copy of the game at launch (estimated for May 2017), although paying more inevitably nets you more goodies. All tiers above €60 will get a beta demo later this year, for instance.

You can check out the Kickstarter over here.

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