Dark Souls 3 patch aims to make online play less grim

Posted on 05/13 22:28 in | 0

A new patch for Dark Souls 3 has been released, taking aim at some dark issues plaguing multiplayer… but with mixed success, according to reports.

According to an update posted up on the game’s Steam Community page, the patch aims to resolve three issues in Online Mode: being sent immediately to your world, being sent to Firelink Shrine, and being changed in full Dragon Body Status.

Not issues I experienced (or at least, not knowingly), but hey, the more bugs fixed, the better. The problem is that the comments on this article indicate that the patch causes more issues, most notably in that Dark Souls 3 now randomly freezes for extended periods of time. A few note that this might be the auto-saves suddenly taking longer, while others reckon it’s got nothing to do with the auto-save feature and is a new issue introduced with this patch.

Hopefully, this particular problem is only invading a vocal minority, but it’s hard to say for sure. Either way, probably not the best patch of the year – and, alas, the problem with summoned phantoms not being able to join you for boss fights apparently still persists.

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