DOOM cheats, skip intros, mouse smoothing and unlock Nightmare

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DOOM finally made its return yesterday and there are numerous tweaks ti improve the experience slightly and an obligatory DOOM cheat code for those that don’t like a challenge.

Let’s get the cheats out the way, there is in fact only one cheat that actually works, contrary to what you might have read, There were numerous cheats in an earlier version of the game but those have now been disabled.

Currently, there is only GOD mode available which stops you taking any damage from enemies. A word and a screenshot of warning. This will disable all achievements and is only available for single player.

This can be activated by simply hitting the ~ key which drops down the console.


To disable GOD mode properly and re-activate achievements it needs to be turned off via the console and the game will need to be shut down and restarted.

There are a couple of tweaks that you may want to utilise when launching the game. Diable mouse smoothing, skipping the intro, open up Nightmare Mode, and skipping loading screens. The following can be added to the game launch command-line in steam to achieve this.

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