Stellaris 1.1 update detailed for May, more in June

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Paradox have just unleashed an interstellar info-dump for Stellaris, detailing a series of patches planned for late May, June, and even beyond. Each one is going to be named after a famous author of science-fiction, so 1.1 (which will focus on bug fixes) has been dubbed ‘Clarke’.

The dev diary author, Henrik Fåhraeus (doomdark), admits that he was expecting some amount of criticism for the mid-game period in Stellaris, largely because the game shipped without a whole category of events (“Colony events”). These were supposed to entertain and engage your science vessels, post-exploration.

“We simply took too long getting all the early and late game stuff in,” he writes. There are similar clues and half-admissions that Stellaris came in a little ‘hot’ throughout the piece. Problems with sector AI and user-interface design appear to have been more of a surprise, however.

With all that in mind, here’s what’s coming up in the next couple of months. First, 1.1 (‘Clarke’) towards the end of May. These are the ‘highlights’, so there’ll ultimately be more stuff (and some aspects might get bumped earlier or later).

Then, in June, we can all expect ‘Asimov’. This update will have more mechanical and gameplay improvements. More diplomatic actions. More treaties. Revisions to border access, and so on.

The plans go further still, to beyond June and ‘Heinlein’. These changes and features are for further in the future, so they’re not going to be set in stone or definitive. This is what’s on Paradox’s mind though.

As always with Paradox grand strategy titles, there will be expansions coming. That said, the developer diary states that all of May and June will be devoted to bug fixes and free updates. All of the aspects listed above will be coming in free patches.

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