The Best PC Games 2016

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reviewed and updatedWelcome to the best PC games of 2016. At PC Invasion we play a lot of games throughout the year and some are fantastic while others make us cry in despair. We don’t want our readers shelling out lots of cash on substandard games so this list of our top picks should help with that.

We have a strict review policy at PC Invasion where every game has to be completed before a review is posted (where possible). As we have such a strict policy, you know that we’ve poured our heart and soul into playing a game giving reassurance that what we recommend is worth your play time and cash.

We have now compiled this list of the best PC games 2016 that you need to play. This essential guide is continually updated throughout 2016.

Rebellion revitalise an Activision classic with improved visuals and Steam Workshop support. Well worth a look if you have never played it.

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Cities Skylines Snowfall

Another expansion for Paradox’ city builder and once again it delivered with new features which added a snowy and cold flavour to the game.

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Dark Souls 3

With Souls titles now a pseudo-genre of their own, there’s an inevitable familiarity to the rewarding challenges, deft storytelling, and intricate, shortcut-laden level design of Dark Souls 3. But familiarity alone should not detract from this third title’s fine implementation of ideas and mechanics. The enigma may be waning, but there’s still nothing quite like a Souls game.

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Dirt Rally Maxed

A fantastic new addition to the Dirt franchise. Less approachable for new players but clearly the best outing from Codemasters in years.

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Doom - 9

Bethesda and id bring back the classic and they have done a fantastic job. It’s a Asolid, speedy, brutal, and surprisingly lengthy campaign combine with an intriguing map-making facility to make Doom a pretty easy recommendation. The multiplayer may not grab you, but there’s plenty of content here without it.

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Enter the Gungeon - 9

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Quirky, funny, demanding, and requiring an awful lot of skill: Enter the Gungeon is one of the best action-roguelites in years.


Nobody was sure how Hitman’s episodic releases would work out but they have proved a hit so far.

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kathy rain bladetest 2

Developed by Clifftop games, Kathy Rain i set in the 90’s and tells the story of a strong-willed journalism major who has to come to terms with her own troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently deceased grandfather. PC Invasion’s Tim McDonald says, “I haven’t enjoyed an AGS adventure this much in quite some time. The end might not satisfy, but the journey is a hell of a ride.”

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pillars of eternity the white march part 2 (7)

The White March Part 2 brings this multi-part expansion to a satisfying, and typically well-constructed, conclusion; solidifying Pillars of Eternity as one of the best CRPG titles of recent years.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

A solid, lengthy, entertaining romp across both tombs and not-tombs, with a quality PC port. If you want more Tomb Raider 2013, this offers improvements on most of that game’s mechanics and is unlikely to disappoint.

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The masters of grand strategy take to the stars in Stellaris. All the galactic flavour and themes of a 4X space title, married to the mechanics of Paradox’s recent grand strategy offerings. Stellaris has a space opera tale of gene manipulation, Federation politics, or colonial slavery for everyone.

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This time-stopping action title caused a stir this year when it was finally released. SUPERHOT is a concise central mechanic, framed by a clever, form-twisting premise and outstanding design in art and sound. Other games wish they could be this cool.

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XCOM 2 successfully straddles the line between being familiar and being new. A few design choices will divide people, and there are bugs and issues that will need patching or modding, but for the most part it’s a sterling return to the gruelling decision-making of its predecessor.

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As we progress through 2016, the PC UInvasion team will be getting stuck into as many games as possible. This list of the best PC games will be updated as soon there’s a new game worthy of a place on this page.

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