Paragon update v.26 live - Tank balance pass and new skins

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This week brings another update to Epic’s MOBA Paragon, and this time, the tank class heroes have received some attention.

Rampage has received a boost to his Regeneration in and out of combat with a removal of  front-loaded health bonus gain, Sevarog’s Ultimate has been tweaked for activation time and damage, and Steel’s Shield Block has had its effectiveness boosted.

Crit has also been nerfed and they have made “changes to the damage bonus percentage and reduced the per-point value of Crit on cards”.

This is also quite important, Epic has added Player ratings which lets players vote on the performance of their teammates. You have been warned, play nice and don’t go AFK!

Last but my no means least, there are new skins which you can see below and they all look quite tasty.

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