The HTC Vive will now ship within 72 hours of ordering

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While Oculus continues to fumble around with their pre-orders, the HTC Vive will now ship out almost instantly.

HTC has announced that new orders of their VR headset will ship to consumers within 72 hours of placing an order. No more waiting lists for anyone that has yet to jump on the VR hype train.

With more demo stores popping up it would be worth trying it for yourself before splashing out. Content for the Vive is not exactly great right now as we highlighted in our VR Vive Report Part 2 – Are games great in VR? and Is VR the future of gaming? – The final verdict articles.

We still think gamers wanting to use VR should wait a while until prices drop and the games improve. It’s getting there with games such as House of the Dying Sun but there’s still some way to go.

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