Star Trek Bridge Crew from UbiSoft will put you on a VR bridge

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A new four player co-op VR Star Trek game called Star Trek Bridge Crew has been revealed ahead of the UbiSoft conference on Monday

Earlier this month, previous cast members of the Star Trek TV series took part in filming for an E3 reveal video which included Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan and LeVar Burton.

In the game which is set on the Aegis, up to four players are placed on a virtual Star Trek bridge and they will use controllers to help carry our orders from their chair such activating warp drive, scanning, firing torpedoes and other typical Star Trek bridge tasks.

The game is set in JJ Abram’s Star Trek universe and players will have to explore a sector of space called The Trench in search of a new planet for the inhabitants of Vulcan. Players will have to work together to succeed in the game’s story driven missions.

While it’s not quite the Holodeck yet, it’s at least one step closers. The game is being developed by Red Storm and we’ll find out more about the game next week but we do know it’s coming to the Oculus and Vive.

star trek bridge crew

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