Titanfall 2 E3 2016 trailer leaks, gives 28 October release date

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EA made a bit of a mistake (deliberate? possibly) with their E3 2016 presentation, broadcasting parts of the rehearsal showing Titanfall 2’s trailer. It’s for the single player campaign (newly added in the sequel), and confirms a release date of 28 October.

The single player campaign is said to be “playable offline” and will look to explore “the bond between pilot and Titan”. How sweet. That means said Titans now have voices and semi-personalities, as shown in the trailer below.

That’s assuming EA hasn’t stamped this link out yet, because they seem fairly active in shutting down the various Titanfall 2 mirrors popping up around the place. There may yet be more information about the game at the actual press conference itself, due in about three hours.

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