Mass Effect: Andromeda release still early 2017, say BioWare

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It’s probably fair to say that Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t get the level of reveal many were hoping for at EA’s E3 event earlier today. There was some behind the scenes footage which included a little bit of what appeared to be gameplay; but the lack of major substance was a surprise for a title that, supposedly, is not a huge distance away from release.

On twitter, BioWare’s Yanick Roy has reiterated that more details will be shown in the Fall (Autumn), which would indicate a larger presence at GamesCom in Germany. In addition, he states that “As for the release date, it will be ‘early 2017′”, which confirms that (officially at least), Mass Effect: Andromeda has not been delayed.

Until later this year, then, Mass Effect fans will have to digest and interpret what they can from today’s trailer.

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