Overwatch competitive mode changes detailed by Kaplan

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Jeff Kaplan stood in front of a camera today to explain what’s happening with Overwatch Competitive Play.

Blizzard has been working on this for a while and it’s aimed at the more serious player. The beta version didn’t last long so they pulled it and went back the drawing board. So what’s happened to it?

The first change is the Season length, it was one month in the beta, and based on feedback they are changing it to a three month season. It will follow real seasons, summer, winter etc. Each season will last about two and half months and there will be a period between where no season is running.

The format for each game mode has also changed but Jeff isn’t ready to spill the beans on those changes just yet.

According to Jeff, the games were going into Overtime to often (35% of the time), but they want to minimise how often that happens so changes have been put in place to minimise that. Sudden Death will also take place on the map you were playing, it won;t got to a random control point map.

The Assault Mode maps matches completed too soon according to Jeff so they have changed the format in Assualt to make the maps last longer. Again, more details on this are coming soon.

Jedffsaisd that the old system leaned heavily toward progression and less so to skill with players saying it felt like a grind. Therefore, tiers have been removed and they are going to correlate match making rating with what hey are calling “skill rating”. Skill rating will go between 1 and 100, and players will be shown their skill rating and other player’s skill ratings. Before matches teams will be shown player’s skill rating and a team average skill rating to show how fair a match is. Underdogs will gain more and lose less through this system.

Parties will also be shown on the screen before a competitive match starts to show which teams are pre-made. Blizzard is going for transparency with this system which sounds like a solid plan.

Finally, he covers rewards and there will be sprays and icons that can be a earned each season and the “golden gun” rewards and other exclusive cosmetic rewards for really skilled players. All the things to keep players playing Overwatch.

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