Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII videos take stock of bonds and civics

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A trio of new video trailers for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII have been issued forth into the land today, showing some of the game’s features. The strategy title is coming to Steam on 8 July.

The first video is, I think, supposed to be demonstrating the ‘Bonds’ that can develop between characters in the game. Maintaining a close network of allies will be to your advantage when Crazy Uncle War comes knocking on your door. Your relationships (positive and negative) with various characters will also influence how you’re able to perform in debates over actions and alliances.

In the video, Huang Gai wants to surrender and Zhou Yu has him beaten for it. Then Huang Gai offers his surrender anyway, Zhou Yu hears about it from a spy and then … a Bond happens? Presumably a negative one in this instance, unless I’ve really missed something.

The next trailer concerns itself with Civic Development and Diplomatic Relations, and a new ‘overview’ type trailer walks through the different phases and features in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.

Here they all are, for your viewing pleasure (and possible confusion).

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